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Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

Bakersfield Dentist, Dr. Krauss is an expert in Dental Implants.  Dental Implants are an advanced restorative dentistry tooth replacement option for people with a missing tooth caused by poor dental hygiene, excessive wear and tear, or a tooth injury. They are an exciting tooth replacement option because they work, feel, and appear like your natural teeth, while preserving adjacent ones just as they are.

How do they work?

With dental implants there is no need to modify the healthy parts of your smile! The implant consists of small screws, designed to anchor directly into the jawbone so that your bite remains strong and sturdy. We then place a dental crown (the part that looks like a tooth) on top of the abutment, which connects the crown/cap to the implant.

Our dental implants provide a highly bio-compatible surface, meaning that your body will accept the material without causing any harmful bodily response. This bio-compatibility encourages bone to attach to the implant, mimicking the permanence and stability of a natural tooth. Best of all, the cost of implants can be within your price range!

How are Dental Implants Attached in Your Mouth?

The dental implant procedure is similar to one for a dental bridge or dentures, but because the process is more lasting the time it takes to fit is slightly longer. After Dr. Krauss gives a thorough assessment of your teeth and oral situation, a dental implant is carefully positioned into the jawbone. The jawbone is then given 3-6 months to fuse with the titanium dental implant to insure support for your new dental crown, bridge or dentures. The last step is to add your new dental crown,which is custom shaped to fit and blend naturally with your surrounding teeth. When the dental implant dentist is also an experienced and expert cosmetic dentist, like Bakersfield Dentist, Dr. Krauss, the end result looks beautiful and natural.

If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, come see dental implant dentist Dr. Krauss in his Bakersfield office today. You will be amazed at how natural a dental implant looks and feels.

Are Dental Implants for Me?

Almost anyone that has lost a tooth, several teeth, or even all of their teeth is a candidate for dental implants. In fact, the profession has undergone great advances in the capabilities of dental restoration. Conventional restorative dental crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures now are considered old-fashioned and obsolete to the more successful treatment of dental implant–supported restorative dentistry. Dr. Krauss was one of the first Cosmetic Dentists in Bakersfield to be certified and offer affordable dental implants to his patients.

Aesthetic presentation can be very important in our society. One may feel ashamed of a missing front tooth. In many cases, the use of crowns, bridges, and partial dentures don’t present an acceptable solution. A dental implant can be very natural in appearance. Current implant restorative techniques are the best alternative to your original teeth.

Can I afford Dental Implants?

Bakersfield Smile Design has incredible promotions and financing available, so you don’t have to worry about the dental implants costs and can look forward to having a perfect smile!

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